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Hmmm, for some reason, I consider all this essential.  The bike with racks comes to 15kg.  The equipment comes to 42kg, not including water...

The Bike
Thorn Nomad (www.sjscycles.com),
Drop Handlebars,
Sun Rhyno rims (26"), 36 hole XT Hubs
XT 9-speed rear cassette, LX derailleur (front/back)
Deore M510 chainset, Shimano UN52 sealed bottom bracket
AVID Shorty 6 alloy brakes, bar-end shifters
Brookes B17 leather saddle
Shimano SPD pedals (one side flat)

Clothes & Stuff
cycling shorts x 2, cycling shirts x 2, cycling gloves x 1, gore-tex shell x 1, thermal jacket x 1, fleece x 1, thermal undershirt x 1, regular t-shirts x 2, regular shorts x 2, long trousers x 1, leg-warmers x 1, sandals x 1, trainers x 1, cycle-shoes x 1, rainproof trousers x 1, long-johns x 1, gloves x 1, socks x 3, underwear, baseball cap, cycle helmet, helmet cover, sunglasses, mask (for exhaust fumes and high street bank robbery)

digital camera + re-charger/universal-plug/USB cable/SD-cards, SD-card reader, 35mm camera&film (for backup), mini-tripod, shortwave radio (for BBC world service), MP3 player (Russian/Chinese language study), mobile-phone, rechargeable AA batteries, solar-charger (for phone & batteries), Swiss army knife, compass, Katadyn water-filter, spare wallet, penlight torch

passport, letters of invitation, ATM card, credit-card, dollar traveller-cheques, insurance, passport-size photos, copies of passport/visas, addresses/telephone numbers, guidebook, maps, phrasebook, novel, notebook&pen

toilet-paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo, eye-mask, earplugs, razor, small mirror, glasses (+ spare pair), mini-screwdriver for glasses, contact-lenses + cleaning soln (for rainy days), sun-screen, bug-spray, bug-net for head, multi-vitamins, iodine (for dirty water), washing-powder, small-towel

Medicines & First-Aid
Strepils, paracetamol, anti-histamine, "Imodium", "seirogan" (Japanese stomach medicine), travel-sickness pills, penicillin, ciprofloxacin, re-hydration salts, various plasters, dressings & bandages, alcohol wipes, syringes & needles, thermometer

Bike equipment
front/rear racks (Thorn), panniers (Ortlieb), duffel-bag, small rucksack, handlebar bag, saddle-bag (for basic tools, spare tube), front/rear-light, pump (+ spare), water-bottles, bike-lock + spare keys, bike-bag, mirror, cycle-computer, stretchy-staps (to hold everything on..)

Bike tools & spares
multi-tool, allen-keys, tire-levers, spanners, screwdriver, cone-spanner, wire-cutter, pliers, adjustable wrench, spoke-key, chain-whip + rear-cassette tool, crank-arm extractor tool, brush (for chain), grease, lube, degreaser, Loctite glue
spare tire x 1, spare tubes x 3, puncture repair patches, chain, spare bolts for racks & panniers, seatpost bolt,  stem bolt, spokes, brake-block cartridges, brake/gear cables

Tent, groundsheet, Thermarest sleeping map (+ repair kit), sleeping bag + cover, emergency blanket, MSR multi-fuel stove, fuel bottle, pots, fork&spoon, salt, matches, dishcloth, mosquito foils, clothes-line, safety pins, tent-light, freeze-dried food (for emergencies)

.....Further items to be sent en-route:
guidebooks & maps for the next country, tires & tubes (if necessary)