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Check here for pictures of my slow progress across the countries.  Assuming that I can find an internet cafe to upload pictures, my digital camera doesn't break/get stolen, etc, etc

      1) Leaving home!
      2) Carry On up the Rhine
      3) Dawdling on the Danube
      4) Onward to Budapest
      5) Cycling into Serbia
      6) Serbia, with a touch of Bulgaria
      7) In & Out of Sofia
      8) The Road to Istanbul
      9) Around Istanbul
    10) Capadoccia and onwards..
    11) Eastern Turkey
    12) Eastern Turkey and onto Iran ..
    13) The road to Tabriz
    14) Farewell to Tabriz
    15) North into Azerbaijan
    16) Talking quietly in Turkmenistan...
    17) Quietly through Turkmenistan...
    18) Quietly out of Turkmenistan...
    19) From Samarkand into Tajikistan...
    20) To the Ayni Pass, Tajikistan
    21) From Tajikistan to Osh, Kyrgyzstan
    22) Towards Ala-Bel Pass, Kyrgyzstan
    23) Emerging from the mountains, Kyrgyzstan
    24) To Lake Issy Kul and the Kazakh border
    25) Through Kazakhstan and into China..
    26) The border to Lake Sayram, Xijiang prov, China
    27) The road to Urumqi
    28) Into the Gobi desert
    29) Through the Gobi
    30) Return to civilisation ?
    31) On the way to Lanzhou
    32) Briefly through Ningxia province..
    33) To Xi'an, and the end of the Silk road
    34) Heading east from Xi'an
    35) On the way to Nanjing..
    36) Into Shanghai !
    37) A boat to Japan. Beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning ? ...
    38) The fourth island of Japan... Shikoku
    39) Darkest, deepest Japan... the Shikoku mountains
    40) The last of Shikoku
    41) Across the Kii peninsula
    42) The downhill to tokyo ..
    43) Tokyo - The End !
    44) ...
    45) ...