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Every chance I get, I'll try to update this page with a new report, "on the road".  For the latest on de-habilitating illnesses, attacks by rabid animals, and Uzbek prison interior design, check here regularly.

      1) april 1, UK - final preparations
      2) april 20, Germany - A rant from the Rhine
      3) may 3, Austria - the old lady of Vienna
      4) may 14th, Serbia - Blasphemous in Belgrade
      5) may 21st, Bulgaria - Sofia. Eastern European beauty...or dirty old man ?
      6) may 30th, Turkey - fat & lazy in Istanbul
      7) june 17th, Iran - is this really the axis of evil ? Tabriz.
      8) june 26th, Azerbaijan - Last stop Baku. All change for Central Asia..
      9) july 15th, Uzbekistan - through the Karakum Desert, and into Bukhara
    10) august 2nd, Kyrgystan - Stardom in Osh
    11) august 17th, Kyrgyzstan - Humiliations in Bishkek
    12) september 5th, Xijiang, China - Under the weather in Urumqi
    13) september 17th, Gansu, China - Wind-beaten in Dunhuang
    14) september 29th, Gansu, China - farewell desert, hello China...Lanzhou
    15) october 15th, Henan, China - from brown to green to grey. Kaifeng
    16) october 28th, Shanghai, China - a slow-boat from China ...
    17) november 21th, Japan - the high road to the far east
    18) december 1st, Japan - TOKYO! The final report.
    19) ...
    20) ...