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Will I really make it this far ?!

Week 1
What with the best part of a week lazing around in Shanghai, a relaxing ferry to Pusan and a ferry to Kyushu, I'll be well out of shape by the time I get back on my bike at Fukuoka ferry terminal.  Cycle to Jeff&Eri's house in the middle of a paddy field in the middle of the prefecture and after taking it easy for a couple days, convince him to load me and my bike onto his truck, and drive us to Tokyo.

Week 2
I see sense, and set off on the final leg, by bike. Will likely get a ferry to Shikoku and traverse the middle of the island (up, down, up, down,..), boarding another ferry at the far side, Tokushima, for Osaka.  Depending on time left, ride bike or ferry to Tokyo. And then .......

...... The End!



Week 3
You don't want to know -

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